Living in Northern California as a Trustee of an estate in Palm Desert, I was faced with several logistical challenges. Once I was in touch with Ryan that part of the process fell into place quite easily.

I had some artwork and other pieces I needed appraised as part of the estate. Ryan responded quickly and we coordinated a time for him to be at the property. He met my contact in Palm Desert at the home and went about his evaluation process in a very professional and thorough manner. I was quite impressed with the detail of his report. There were two pieces of reasonable value that I was not sure what to do with. Ryan put me in touch with an auction house in LA that was very interested in taking them for their October event. No way I would have sorted that out so quickly on my own.

A few other questions and requests came up after Ryan's work was complete and he always responded promptly. He is extremely professional, but also very warm and friendly, which always made him a pleasure to speak with. I highly recommend him if you are in need of appraisal services.

Palm Desert Trustee

I was appointed to have the Estate artwork appraised in our Palm Desert, Ca.home. this past year. The washington state estate attorneys had recommended an art appraiser for the home there. I asked our gallery owner friends for recommendations and was referred to Ryan English as extremely capable.

My first meeting with Ryan I was immediately impressed with his professional demeanor, his honesty and knowledge of all art and his general likeability. He thoroughly explained the process for estate tax purposes in the state of California. It's very different than a regular art appraisal. I told him the quick timing I needed for completion. Ryan stayed in communication with me through the whole process and completed the appraisal very quickly. The completed work of the art appraisal was very professionally done.

I returned to Washington and saw the completed art appraisal by the person recommended by our Estate attorneys there. I must say the difference between the two appraisals was like night and day or amateur vs. professional. I was extremely proud to deliver to the large Seattle estate legal firm the appraisal by Ryan English.

I highly, highly recommend Ryan for any type of art appraisal or needs. He stands above his peers in knowledge and professionalism. You will have no regrets working with Ryan.

Nikki J

I contacted Ryan for a full appraisal of contents in my mother’s home in Palm Desert for estate valuation purposes. Ryan and his assistant worked efficiently inspecting and cataloging over 100 pieces at the home. I was impressed with the quick turn-around of the delivered report and would recommend his services to anyone in that position. He is professional, extremely organized and walked me through the process before the appraisal began so I would understand what to expect. I would highly recommend Ryan’s services to anyone.

Paul, Trustee of Family Trust

We had a very difficult time finding a personal property appraiser for an estate in Palm Desert. For one thing, we do not live in the area and so it was difficult to find people and make contact. Referrals we had been given had moved, or were out of town or just unavailable during the small window of time in which we could be in the area and would need to get the job done.

We were just about to give up when we found Ryan. Ryan answered our queries right away and then stepped into a very chaotic situation and went right to work. We had roofers on the roof and cleaners and tile-strippers and handymen and family members in the house, coming and going all hours but Ryan was unfazed. He was a joy to work with and by that I mean he was actually fun to work with. This made a difficult situation much easier for us. Ryan handled everything in the estate that we needed to have assessed.

We had art, furniture, jewelry, antiques, rugs, some Indian artifacts and all sorts of odds and ends. Ryan arranged for a specialist to come in to help with some of the niche items but he handled everything else himself and we didn't really need to lift a finger. Ryan was able to work within our crazy schedule and get everything assessed before our legal deadlines.

We will always be totally grateful to Ryan and highly recommend him without reservation.

M. Kee, Trustee, Wood Family Trust